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HTML Dog, Edinburgh is Patrick Griffiths, a professional web designer and developer with over 20 years of experience.

“We” can make your website, help you to make your website, or teach you how to make your website.

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We can make your website.

Our designs are Grade-A bespoke. We won’t shoehorn your website into a junk-filled one-size-fits-all shitbox.

We will design around you, your brand, and what you want to achieve. The result will be a lean, clean marketing machine. It will be fast, accessible, search-engine friendly. Sexy. Unique.

Your website will be built following the latest standards, embracing proven web design conventions, and exploiting progressive techniques.

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We can help you to make your website.

In a jack-of-all-trades full-stack world, we stubbornly believe in the strength of specialists. We dream in markup and see colours as hex values. CSS is our super power.

We can work for you on a daily or per-project basis, as a PSD to HTML lone-ranger, or firmly embedded as a UX developer in a multi-disciplinary team.

On-site locally or remote worldwide, our flexible working hours can fit American or European time zones.

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We can teach you how to make your website.

We (really) know our stuff. And we know how to communicate it. Our markup and style coding courses can be adapted to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to content editors to professional developers.

Fundamental Web Design topics include:

Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 topics include:

Warning: we’re anal. We’re not interested in “just make it work – that’ll do”. We’re all about do it right – make it work as well as humanly possible”.

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