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Page Titles

All HTML pages should have a page title.

To add a title to your page, change your code so that it looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My first web page</title>
    This is my first web page

We have added two new elements here, that start with the head tag and the title tag (and see how both of these close).

The head element (that which starts with the <head> opening tag and ends with the </head> closing tag) appears before the body element (starting with <body> and ending with </body>) and contains information about the page. The information in the head element does not appear in the browser window.

We will see later on that other elements can appear inside the head element, but the most important of them is the title element.

If you look at this document in the browser (save and reload as before), you will see that “My first web page” will appear on a tab or the title bar of the window (not the actual canvas area). The text that you put in between the title tags has become the title of the document (surprise!). If you were to add this page to your “favorites” (or “bookmarks”, depending on your browser), you would see that the title is also used there.