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HTML Tag: sup

Superscript. Text that traditionally appears above the line.

Hold on a minute! Isn’t this a typographical convention, and presentational by definition? Isn’t presentation the realm of CSS? Why, yes, it is!

sub and sup are the most heinous interlopers of all tags in the HTML5 spec. Treat them with disdain. They are the Midichlorians of Markup.

Optional Attributes

Global attributes


<p>A blind <u>loin</u> (<i>Panthera leo</i>) asked what the 2 in E=MC<sup>2</sup> and H<sub>2</sub>O meant.</p>
<p>She went on to ask if it was supposed to be <b>emphasized</b> in some way.</p>
<p>She reached the conclusion that this HTML is, in fact, <s>presentational, rather than</s> meaningful.</p>
<p>Disclaimer: <small>Most of this page, on most levels, it mostly nonsense.</small></p>