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About HTML Dog

HTML Dog has been dishing out healthy code treats since 2003. The idea is, and has always been, to take the somewhat convoluted official specifications of client-side technologies (HTML and its relations) and present them in a much more readable, easier to understand, fashion.


The site has been written, edited and maintained by a handful of busy worker ants.

Patrick Griffiths is the site’s editor and is also to blame for the HTML and CSS sections. Tom Ashworth is the man behind the JavaScript guides. Paul Cuthbertson keeps an eye on things and is the site’s technical editor. Ross Bruniges has also played no small part in the site’s history, as has the ongoing much-appreciated feedback from a plethora of readers.

The Social Nutworks

HTML Dog is on Twitter. We don’t Tweet much. We won’t tell you what we had for breakfast. But, every now and then, we’ll broadcast a handful of characters spelling out what we’re up to.

Yeah. Ads.

Adverts are the magical biscuits that keep HTML Dog alive. It’s important to us that they’re not crazy-intrusive (we won’t accept animated ads, let alone the mad media-filled crap you find splashed all over some web sites) — we want you to enjoy playing with this puppy. And so we hope that’s OK with you, and we hope that you understand why we work with these nice ad people who make this all possible.

If you’re thinking “Yeah! Hells yeah! I wanna join hand-in-paw with these guys and work with them on our own advertizing campaign,” tootle on over to BuySellAds.