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HTML Tag: base

The base location from which links on a page should be made.

Relative links within a document (such as <a href="someplace.html"… or <img src="someimage.jpg"…) will become relative to the URL specified by the base element.

If used, the base element must be placed inside the head element and it should only be used once.

Optional Attributes

Attribute Description Possible values
href The document base address from which relative links are made. URL.
target The browsing context in which the links should open.
  • _self: will open links in current window / tab.
  • _blank: will open links in new windows / tabs.
Global attributes


    <base href="">
    <p><a href="somePlace.html">This</a> will actually link to</p>
    <div><img src="someImage.jpg" alt="Some image"></div>
    <p> The location of the above image will be actually be</p>